{Product Review} Titan™ Military 550 Paracord


    {Product Description} Titan™ Paracord is the real-deal…GUARANTEED.  It is the same authentic 550 cord used by the U.S. Military, NASA Astronauts, and outdoor enthusiasts all around the world. Titan™ paracord is made from 100% Nylon, measures 5/32′ in diameter, and contains 21 individual strands, braided into seven seriously-strong 3-strand yarns.  Its official military designation is MIL-C-5040-H Type III Paracord, and has a total rated tensile strength of greater Read more [...]

{Product Review} Dreambaby’s Furniture Anchors


   {Product Description} DREAMBABY®’S RANGE OF FURNITURE ANCHORS AND TELEVISIONS STRAPS ARE EACH UNIQUELY DESIGNED TO PREVENT INJURIES TO CHILDREN IN AND AROUND YOUR HOME, BY ENSURING YOUR LIVING AREAS ARE KEPT SAFE! Television and furniture tipping is becoming an ever increasing problem, to almost epidemic proportions. In the western world, it has been stated that humans (particular little ones) are as likely to be killed by their own furniture as by terrorism! According to Read more [...]

{Product Review} TRIPOD Store + Go Travel Container


    {Product Description} The TRIPOD pill box is a unique roll-open pill organizer designed to hold fish oil pills and other large pills, vitamins and supplements. Secured by an extra-strong closure, the TRIPOD pill box rolls open to expose three large compartments each covered by a hinged, clip-closed lid. While pill box compartments are designed to hold large supplements, they also come in handy for storing objects of all shapes and sizes, from tweezers, tampons, rolls of mints, Read more [...]

{Product Review} SHAKE Flip-Top Pill Box


    {Product Description} We wanted to create an alternative bottle-style pill box that would be more stylish and more fun to use, that would sit on bedside table or kitchen counter and be the first thing you reach for in the morning, that would help you stick to your daily vitamin or pill routine. It was an intriguing design challenge. It was important for us that the pill box cap would be easy to open and not strain the hands and wrists. It was also important to us that the pill Read more [...]

{Product Review} DAYBOX Extra-Large Weekly Pill Box


    {Product Description} The DAYBOX pill box is Sabi’s largest pill box, a weekly pill organizer for medication management featuring eight pill boxes, each inscribed with the day of the week (plus one extra!) and each with three extra-spacious pill box compartments, suitable for storing a large number of large-sized pills, vitamins and supplements. Eight individual daily pill boxes clip together to form a beautiful weekly pill box and easily detach so you can tote with you one daily Read more [...]

{Product Review} CRUSH Minimal Effort Pill Crusher


    {Product Description} CRUSH is for people who don’t like taking pills or who have difficulty swallowing them and instead choose to crush medications into a powder and ingest them in food and drink. Most pill crushers on the market require repeated twisting and untwisting to get the job done, and can be very difficult on the hands. In addition, most pill crushers out there can only crush small pills and cannot handle turning larger pills into powder. Finally, we couldn’t find Read more [...]

{Product Review} CHOP Minimal Effort Pill Cutter


   {Product Description} Different people split pills for different reasons: some pills, especially daily vitamin supplements, are so large that they can be difficult to swallow whole. Oftentimes, pills come in only one high dosage version and you need to halve or quarter them to get a lower dose. Others split pills because it’s more cost effective, since higher-dosage pills frequently cost the same as lower-dosage ones. No matter the reason, if you split pills regularly you have Read more [...]

{Product Review} CARAFE Water Cup with Two-Compartment Pill Box Inside the Cap


    {Product Description} It has happened to all of us. We go to take a pill but we don’t have a glass of water on hand. So we get up and walk to the kitchen or bathroom to fetch a glass of water. The CARAFE water cup and pill box in one is our answer. A combined pill box and water cup, The CARAFE water cup and pill box is handy to have around the house or office, on your bedside table or desktop. The CARAFE water cup holds 124 ml of water and its pill box features two large compartments Read more [...]

{Product Review} Single Wall Mount Dispenser


     {Product Description} ToiletTree Products wall mount dispensers are the perfect way to eliminate clutter in your shower. You can now elegantly store soap, shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom. Our wide opening top makes refills fast, easy and spill free. Our clear chamber allows you to see when it’s time to refill. The dispenser is made using long lasting, quality materials that will not rust or discolor over time. Easy to Install! No drilling required. Each unit comes Read more [...]

{Product Review} Leather Charm Bracelet


     {Product Description} Super-hot this year!!  These bracelets includes multiple strands adorned by silver alloy charms. Fastened together by two steel clamps, It includes a lobster claw clasp and back chain, making it fully adjustable to fit any wrist size.  With lots of styles to choose from these will surely be a staple in your spring/summer wardrobe! (Product description courtesy of Penny Auctions Canada)     {Product Uses} This product Read more [...]