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We all have them sitting around our house… electronics and cell phones that have been upgraded and replaced because of new technology but they still work just fine!  I’ve seen and heard people ask “Where can I sell my iphone?”  or “What can I do with this old computer now that I have a newer model?”  There are many different websites that offer money for old technology!  I would highly recommend finding a way to sell them… not just to put some money back into your pocket, but you may be helping out someone who is less fortunate than you that cannot afford the newest technology but would be happy with just having an older model version that works!

One of the things that immediately comes to mind when thinking about selling electronics are online auction websites. They allow you to post your items for sale for others to view and bid on.  These websites usually charge a small percentage of the selling price to allow you to post your item with their company. If your item sells and you’ve received payment, you ship the item to the person that purchased it.

Another avenue for making money from the electronics you’ve updated is to sell them through online “yard sale” type websites.  We have all heard of them and most of us have visited them to check them out.  There are many of these available now.  One of the most prevalent and well known is probably Craigslist, but many others have popped up in recent years and work just as well.  Just keep in mind that this method isn’t as anonymous as working through an online auction or something.  Be sure to keep safety measures in mind and in place when setting up any type of transactions through these websites.

There are also well known companies that do buy some electronics back or have trade-in programs for money off of new items.  One that I know offers this type of program right off the top of my head is Best Buy. If you don’t have one of these near you or you don’t do business with them for one reason or another, I would suggest doing an online search to see if there are others that have the same type of program.

While I am no expert on this topic, these are just a few of my suggestions for not only getting some of your cost back out of a product after it has outlived its usefulness to you but for helping put this item into the hands of someone who may still have an appreciation for it!

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