{Product Review} FunBites – Bite-Sized Mealtime Magic!

PIcture courtesy of FunBites!

{About The Product}

FunBites is an awesome little kitchen gadget that make mealtime or snacktime fun for kids and easy for parents!  It very simply and easily cuts foods into bite-sized pieces without the hassle of having to stand and cut the food up with a knife!  Currently there are 2 shape options available!  One option cuts the food into bite-sized squares and the other option cuts the food into shapes that allow it to be formed into a heart!

PIcture courtesy of FunBites!


*  FunBites are easy to use, convenient, and fun!
*  Invented by a Mom
*  Bottom surface is curved to allow rocking motion for cutting completely through food easily!
*  The popper top enables you to “pop” food out effortlessly!
*  Made in the USA!
*  BPA Free
*  Hand wash or dishwasher safe

{Product Uses}

FunBites can be used to cut nearly any foods into bite-sized pieces!  You are only limited by your imagination and the consistency of the food!  You can easily cut sandwiches, fruit, cheese, pizzas, pancakes, waffles, cake, and so much more!

{Where This Product Can Be Found}

FunBites can be found on the FunBites website!  You can also follow FunBites on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

{Cost Of Product}

Currently the cost of FunBites is $12.99 each or you can buy a package of one of each of the two available options for $22.00!

(Please keep in mind that I have no control over pricing and that this price is current and up to date as of the posting of this review but it is subject to change!)


Our family has truly enjoyed using FunBites!  My 2 yr old little girl (who rarely eats all of anything!) will eat all of these bite-sized pieces and ask for more!  It makes foods much more easy for her and my 15 month old to eat and makes it seem much more appealing!  It is very easy to clean by hand-washing it and it is dishwasher safe too!  I would definitely recommend this for anyone that has children (especially small children) and it could be used just as easily to create finger foods for parties and entertaining!

Simple and efficient design!


Peanut butter sandwich
Peanut butter sandwich


FunBites ready to cut peanut butter sandwich
Ready to cut!


Peanut butter sandwich cut by FunBites
Voila! Perfect little bite-sized pieces!

*DISCLOSURE: *I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.



5 Responses to “{Product Review} FunBites – Bite-Sized Mealtime Magic!”

  1. I have the fun bites and I can’t get my PB&J to come out like that. The bread stretches and it ends up very messy. It works great for my son’s pizza though. Nice review!

  2. What is the other part for? It looks kind of like a mold. Is it just for storing a bunch of pieces until you need them?

    • The other part is called the “popper top”… you use it to slide into the holes and it “pops” the bite size pieces out of the holes!

  3. These are so great to get kids to eat. Something about making things little for them; and what is it about no crust with kids?

  4. Awesome review … that would be great for my 2 grandsons.

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