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{About DaddyScrubs}

DaddyScrubs is an awesome company that designs and makes products to make Daddies feel special and a part of pregnancy and childbirth as well as the Mommies!  They are the ultimate go-to company for expectant father gifts! Robert Nickell developed the idea for DaddyScrubs in 2009 when he was an expectant father and didn’t want to wear street clothes during his wife’s labor and delivery process.  He is a pharmacist so he decided he wanted to wear scrubs, but didn’t want confusion by anyone about who in the room was the doctor so he came up with the “I’m The Daddy” idea!  Pretty neat, huh?  I am glad that there are companies such as this to help Daddies feel special too since it is usually all about the Mommy after conception!

{Product Description}

Everyone knows the quintessential gift for every dad is a new tie! Well, we have improved the tradition to create an extra special gift dad is sure to love – and wear!

Our classy, black and white Elegant Daddy Tie is made of 100% printed silk. Each tie comes in a special keepsake box, complete with the quote, “Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a daddy.”  Give daddy a tie from DaddyScrubs; he is sure to treasure this gift forever. This tie is truly the perfect gift for dad!

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• 100% Printed Silk
• Special Keepsake Box

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{Product Uses}

This tie is beautiful and elegant and still displays the pride every Daddy should feel!


{Where This Product Can Be Found}

You can find this Elegant Daddy Tie and many other expectant Daddy products at DaddyScrubs website!

DaddyScrubs has been kind enough to offer a 10% off coupon to Army Wife & Mommy readers!  Just use the coupon code BLOG13 at checkout on their website!

You can follow DaddyScrubs at the following:







You can also follow the DaddyScrubs blog HERE!


{Cost of Product}

The Elegant Daddy Tie currently costs $29.95!

(Please keep in mind that I have no control over pricing and that this price is current and up to date as of the posting of this review but it is subject to change!)




This Elegant Daddy Tie is very sophisticated while still showing Daddy pride!  It is made of beautiful 100% silk with the word “Daddy” printed all over it in a very pretty script. This would make an awesome gift for any Daddy and especially an expecting Daddy!  With Father’s Day just around the corner, this would make a great Father’s Day present!  I definitely recommend it to anyone!  I have yet to find a DaddyScrubs product that isn’t high quality and awesome!


Please be sure to be on the lookout for the Elegant Daddy Tie Giveaway that I will be hosting here on my blog soon!

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