More Than A Little Frustrated…


Last night, I must say I was frustrated more than I have been in a very long time and I’m not sure just how I want to go about handling the situation yet.  I don’t want to do anything rash while I’m still upset so that I don’t do something I will regret.  I try to make sure I’ve had a chance to cool down when I’m upset before making big decisions and trust me… that isn’t always easy.

My 6 yr. old daughter, Ember, is signed up to play Little League Softball here in the town where I live.  She had previously played what was referred to as “Wee-Ball” when we lived in Louisiana two summers ago.  That was a level of playing that they had created where we lived for children too young to play actual tee-ball. Last summer I had just broken my foot, was in a wheelchair, had just had our baby boy, and we were in the process of getting ready for and moving to where we live now so she missed the opportunity to play last year. 

So now that the nicer weather is here and I am mostly back on my feet, I was super excited to be able to sign her up to play again.  Not only that, but I was able to sign up our 4 yr. old daughter as well!  Our 4 yr. old had never played at all, and Ember’s only experience had been the “Wee-Ball” so I know that they both need to learn how to play, especially Ember because she has some catching up to do because of her age.

Because of the crazy weather Ember’s team has only been able to have a few practices and now game time has come.  They have played 3 games so far and (this is where the frustrating part comes in) she has been stuck in right field each and every game (the ABSOLUTE worst place you can stick a child with ADHD so that she is not engaged and her mind begins to wander) and has gotten a turn at bat once per game.  In her age group, not many of the girls hit the balls beyond the infield so she is basically standing out in right field doing nothing for half of of the game.  The other half of the game she is sitting on the bench in the dugout, except for her one turn at bat.  She is bored and ready to quit!  There is no fun in it for her…


So, I thought I would talk to the coach and express my concern and explain the fact that Ember is bored and ready to quit.  I approached him nicely to ask if they ever planned to alternate fielding positions and batting order to give other girls a chance to play some of the more active positions and to bat more often.  I mean, after all, she is never going to learn other positions or get any better if she is never given the opportunity to at least give them a try.  I was informed by her coach that this is a competitive league and that he is going to put them wherever necessary to try to win.  He went on to tell me that t-ball was where they should have done their learning.  Keep in mind that these are little girls playing softball… ages 6 – 9 yrs. old.  I thought the whole point was for the girls to have fun and learn?

I am so upset and frustrated and unsure how to handle this.  I don’t want to cause problems for my daughter because we live in a little bitty town and there is NO other alternative around here, but the way this is being handled seems completely unfair to me.  I have thought about going to the person over the Little League, but I don’t want my daughter to be on the receiving end of the backlash from my actions.

What would you do?  Do you think that little girls’ softball at ages 6 – 9 should be that competitive?  Am I wrong in my thinking?  I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!


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  1. It’s supposed to be a fun learning experience! I don’t understand these coaches who make it super competitive,like their lives depend on winning or something.I wish I had advice but I don’t know what I would do.Keep us posted!

  2. I am so sorry you are going through this! Sadly, it is very common in every small town I am familiar with. It is so sad to me that these coaches, and quite a few parents, get so cut-throat about something that should be a fun experience for their children. We went through basically the same thing with our grandson, who is also ADHD. He just wasn’t having fun, which I thought was the point. My daughter tried talking to the coach to no avail. We somehow managed to get through the season – we have a policy in our family to finish what you start. Needless to say, he didn’t want to play ball the next year! We signed him up for Cub Scouts and he loves it! It is more suited to his needs. He gets to go camping, build things with his hands, and mainly just be as involved as every other Cub Scout. Good luck to you! I wish I could give you great advice on how to handle this but I’m afraid these coaches just can’t be reasoned with.

  3. I remember being in ball games and not getting even batting, always last. I was very frustrated. I found out the other girls told the coaches I could not hit the ball. So I asked to show them I could. Last game I got my turn – I hit a homerun. I did not run the bases, I just picked up my stuff and walked home crying because they did not give me a chance. I never did sports in school or out again. I sorry to here it’s still WIN or nothing counts.
    Good Luck

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