“I’m The Daddy!” Long Sleeve Tee Giveaway!

DaddyScrubs Tee

DaddyScrubs is an awesome company that designs and makes products to make Daddies feel special and a part of pregnancy and childbirth as well as the Mommies!  Robert Nickell developed the idea for DaddyScrubs in 2009 when he was an expectant father and didn’t want to wear street clothes during his wife’s labor and delivery process.  He is a pharmacist so he decided he wanted to wear scrubs, but didn’t want confusion by anyone about who in the room was the doctor so he came up with the “I’m The Daddy” idea!  Pretty neat, huh?  I am glad that there are companies such as this to help Daddies feel special too since it is usually all about the Mommy after conception!

Hosted by: Army Wife & Mommy

Sponsored by: DaddyScrubs

Prize: “I’m The Daddy!” Long Sleeve Tee by DaddyScrubs

This giveaway is open to those ages 18 and up in the United States. The giveaway will end 11:59 pm on March 31, 2013. The winner will have 24 hours to respond to the email announcement. All entries will be verified. The only entry required is the first one, completing extra entries only increases your chances of winning. This giveaway is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by Facebook, Twitter,  Pinterest, or any other social media platforms mentioned in the giveaway. Please email armywifeandmommy@mail.com with any questions or concerns.


55 Responses to ““I’m The Daddy!” Long Sleeve Tee Giveaway!”


  2. i love the daddy diaper toolbox

  3. I love the daddy diaper bag

  4. I like the Daddy Diaper toolbox a lot!

  5. I like the daddy diaper toolbox, scrubs and hoodie!

  6. toolbox


  8. Scrubs would be a great way to break the news to my hubby


  10. I love the daddy back pack

  11. Daddy diaper toolbox looks awesome! Thank you.

  12. I like the hoodies.

  13. I like the scrubs.

  14. Classic Long Sleeve Tee Navy Edgy
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  15. Vintage Hat Black

  16. I like their scrubs but I also like their baseball caps :)

  17. The “Vote at Picket Fence” entry link in the widget, goes to a picture of the button that you have on this site, it doesn’t go to Picket Fence to vote. I clicked on the button here in your side bar to vote.

  18. Sorry but the Top Mommy Blogs entry also does the same thing… when you click on the link in the widget it only goes to a picture of the button you have here on this blog, not to Top Mommy Blogs. I again used the side bar button to go there.

    • Don’t be sorry… you are the first one that’s mentioned any issues… and if I don’t know there is a problem, I can’t fix it! :-) I have taken care of this one as well! Thank you!

  19. The entry for Follow Daddy Scrubs on Pinterest gives a 404 Error when you click on the red button in the widget. I do follow them, as I have for a long time, so I just put my Pinterest URL in there to confirm even tho I couldn’t get to their site.

    • Thanks for letting me know… I just went and checked it and you are right… I even went to their website and clicked their Pinterest button and it does the same thing and tries to go to the same link so I will e-mail them and let them know… I’ve changed it now to their other one, but the link I included on here was the one they asked me to include :-) Thanks again for the heads up!

  20. I love that they have packages for new Daddies! :D

  21. I love the Daddy Diaper toolbox. Thank you!

  22. I like the hoodies


  24. I like the daddy diaper pack!

  25. Vintage slate grey hoodie and vintage black hat.

  26. I love the daddy pack

  27. I like the slate grey hoodie ;)

  28. Any thing from there would be great for my son in law ,new baby in a month.

  29. I like the long sleeve Tees, the hoodies and the ballcaps.

  30. I like the Daddy Back Pack. Thank you!


  32. the diaper toolbox .. how fun for a gift

  33. I love the Vintage Hoodie Slate Gray

  34. The Big Daddy

  35. Who’s yer daddy, mama?

  36. I like the vintage hoodie slate gray.

  37. I love the daddy diaper toolkit! :)

  38. The hoodies


  40. i love the daddy gift baskets, they would be great for coed baby showers to make dad feel really involved!


  42. I like the daddy diaper pack

  43. the long sleeve shirt!

  44. I like the sweatshirt

  45. I like the Daddy Back Pack

  46. I also like the All American Daddy Hat

  47. I like the Hoodies the best!

  48. I love the scrubs

  49. The Daddy Diaper Pack and the Vintage Hoodie Slate Gray are my favorites!

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