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For anyone out there that is not familiar with the BigOven website, I want to personally highly recommend it!  It is a recipe program that allows you to store and save your own personal recipes as well as having an online database for people to share recipes that they choose to share!  You can search through the recipes in the online database and import them, print them, share them on social networks, etc.  The Pro version allows you to create menus using your own recipes or recipes that you’ve imported and then you can create grocery lists from the menus you’ve created to make your meal planning and grocery shopping a breeze! I have used their services for years now and I have loved every minute of it.  It used to be a program that was downloadable for free and then they had an upgraded version that you could purchase that had more features than the free version.  I liked the program so much that I bought the upgraded version of the program and have used that for years.  Some time ago they converted to being more of an online program that still has a free version and they have what they are now calling BigOven Pro.  The features offered by BigOven Pro make it well worth the $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year subscription fee. They offer a free 2 week trial of their Pro version for anyone that would like to try it out before committing to and having to pay for it.

BigOven has this to say about the features you will gain by upgrading to the Pro version: “BigOven Pro Membership unlocks time-saving powerful features, and removes all advertisements for an entire year wherever you’re logged in. You’ll enjoy a full two-week Menu Planner view that lets you drag-and-drop recipes to make a plan, then generate a grocery list whenever you want. You’ll easily build up a recipe collection from around the web, with our browser button that lets you add recipes easily. Pro membership also includes advertising-free use of BigOven. You can add unlimited recipes. You’ll eat better, stay organized, and save money.”

They also offer free mobile apps that can be used on MANY mobile devices to including iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, NOOK, Windows, Windows phone, and web!

Now, onto why I am in amazement with this company.  As I stated above, I had purchased the BigOven for Windows program they had when it was just a program and one time purchase.  They are kind-hearted enough to offer anyone that has purchased this program a free one year subscription to their new Big Oven Pro so I quickly signed up for this a few weeks ago expecting not to have to pay anything for a year.  Imagine my surprise this morning when I logged into my bank account to find that I had been charged for a year subscription at a rate of $19.99.  I was pretty upset by this so I quickly contacted BigOven about what had occurred and what my understanding had been.  Within a few hours I received a message back stating that they apologized for the misunderstanding and they had cancelled my subscription and had refunded my money. While I was glad about the quick response and about the fact that they were willing to acknowledge the mistake and refund my money, I did NOT want my subscription cancelled – because as I said, I love the program and use it frequently!  So I sent another e-mail and expressed my gratitude for the quick correction and refund but asked what had come of my free one-year subscription for having purchased their previous program.  I was contacted really quickly again by Steve Murch at BigOven stating that “Our system erroneously thought you had already finished out that free year. We’re making it two for you because of our screwup here. So, better yet, we’re making you a lifetime Pro member at no cost to you. We screwed up here. You purchased our desktop software, upgraded and had an erroneous payment, and I presume by your username that you’ve already contributed a lot the the country! So, here’s a lifetime Pro membership just for you.”  That was so much more than I expected and I am still astonished at their kindness.  I was only requesting my free year and a refund of my money until that free year had expired! Thank you so much, BigOven!

So, I would like to say, anyone looking for a very versatile and awesome program with even more amazing customer service, please give BigOven a try!  I promise you will NOT be sorry!


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  1. Its always nice when a company knows how to handle customer service right.
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  2. I feel amazed

  3. Thank you so much for this post! I have hundreds of recipes saved on multiple websites and keeping up with them is a hassle! I am super exited to try this site out!

    • I am so glad it was helpful for you! I absolutely love the program and was amazed at their customer service! Let me know what you think of it after you give it a try! Have an awesome day!

  4. Yes I agree completely!!! I cannot rave enough about BigOven. It has changed my life! It makes cooking 1000 times easier. Also, it seems to be flexible enough to benefit just about any type of cook.

    I am personally a gourmet-style cook, meaning that most of the recipes I use have tons of ingredients, and I am also not (yet) an intuitive cook, meaning that I do have to follow the recipe most of the time and am not good at guessing what will taste good together. It is really flexible; if you are the opposite and just need ideas, they have ingredient searching features that automatically show you all the recipes in their database with that ingredient, similar to I’ve slowly been hand-entering my recipes into the application, and alternatively you can upload them (free) from websites or for 59 cents each (first 25 free for Pro members) you can scan recipes. I use my home computer, but they have every other electronic interface known to man).

    Once I’ve entered a recipe, what I LOVE LOVE LOVE is the grocery list and menu planner feature. With the click of a button, you can halve or double or triple (or any fraction) any recipe and have it correlate to your grocery list! And you know how you can plan out a meal, but things always change at the last minute, and maybe you’ll do part of the meal one night, but skip one of the side dishes, or something like that? No more going back to the cookbooks to edit your menu plan or your grocery list over and over again! BigOven is really easy to work with; you just “move” the recipe to another night, and can easily “delete” a recipe from your shopping list, and all of the ingredients that were associated with that recipe go away! There’s also a “try soon” recipe list you can add to. You can change your mind about what to cook and when, all the time WITH NO HASSLE. When you’re done planning, you can either easily print out your menu plan and grocery list (which also contains a list of all the recipes you chose at the bottom of it), or you can use your smartphone at the store to pull up your shopping list. You can even check off each thing as you find it in the store! I don’t have a smartphone, so I just print the list. And when I lost it a few times, I was able to call my husband who pulled up my shopping list at home on our computer – pretty cool :)

    Being a bit OCPD, I also love the search engine. I can type in ANY ingredient or even just a phrase, and it will show me all of the recipes that contain that ingredient or that word! I can choose to search in either from the recipes I’ve entered or from their huge database. Whether I’m wanting to take advantage of what’s on sale at my grocery store, or use up an ambiguous ingredient that’s been sitting in my pantry too long, or find out all 100 recipes I own that contain sour cream so I can use up the tub before it expires, BigOven saves the day! It’s also SUPER easy to search either your own or their database’s recipes for, say, Vegetarian meals, or all of your recipes with a “Mediterranean” or “Latin” theme, for example. Need to make rolls for dinner? Type in the word “rolls”, and you can either see all of your own personal roll recipes, or uncheck a box and see all of the rolls in the database (including your recipes). Want to exclude an ingredient? You can do that too. Want to find all the recipes in your collection (or their database) that contain celery, onions, AND carrots, but NOT chicken broth? Easy peasy :)

    The only inconvenient feature is having to enter your own recipes if you want to use the app with them. I personally just enter the ingredient list of each recipe, and then use the actual cookbook when I’m cooking. The plus side to entering your own recipes is that you get really familiar with your cookbook, and you get ideas and cravings for dinner :) Downside is the time, obviously, but if many of your recipes are online, it is free and easy to upload them in a few clicks. Also if you want you can scan them which honestly sounds faster; I am just really frugal so I’m entering mine by hand.


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