A First-Timer’s Guide to Fitness Boot Camps


Have you ever considered joining a fitness boot camp? They’re all the rage right now, especially ones that mix a variety of different fitness techniques, like Crossfit or classes that combine flexibility-boosting exercises like Pilates or yoga with strength-building exercises like weight-lifting or cardio exercises like cycling or kickboxing. No matter which boot camp you decide to go with, there are several aspects to consider before and during your boot camp: Come Prepared Two water bottles? Read more […]

The New Big Thing…


This post brought to you by NJOY. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Army Wife & Mommy. There are many e-cigarette companies out there today that are offering a large variety of flavored “vapes”.  Vapes are flavored liquids that are transformed into a vapor to be inhaled and are meant to replace cigarettes and the carcinogens inhaled into the lungs from their smoke.  One such vape company is NJOY. NJOY is America’s largest independent e-cigarette and vaping Read more […]

What Girl Doesn’t Love Jewelry??


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See What’s Cool For Back To School!


Can you believe that it is already time to start thinking about back to school?  It seems like summer just got started!  But if we have to think about back to school things… why not check out what I See Me has to offer! They offer a wide selection of personalized books that will help prepare your child for starting or going back to school! There are quite a few different patterns of personalized lunchboxes to choose from… you won’t have to worry about your child having the Read more […]

Kids Bored Of Summer Yet? 50 Boredom Busters by Educents!


Educents has come up with an awesome list of 50 summertime boredom busters to help get through that summer slump that all kids go through! You’ll find everything from recipes to arts & crafts projects, books, educational materials, science experiments, and MORE! See a few examples, below. Check out the list and see how many activities you can cross off before Labor Day!  BONUS: Refer to the Educents Explorers Guide, follow the steps, and help your little one become a certified Educents Read more […]

Summer Glam: Look Like a Print Ad Model in Just 8 Products


We flip through pages of glossy magazines and we wonder if we’ll ever look as beautiful and perfect as the print ad model. For sure, she wears the best clothes, fragrances and enjoy the finest make up there is. No need to feel bad. Because at Beauty Encounter, you’ll get discount fragrance and makeup while looking like a model who sprung to life. How do you become one just by applying the right products? Here are 8 products and 8 eight steps for your summer glam transformation! 1. Guinot Read more […]

8 Unique Combat Boots You’ll Love to Have in Your Closet


When you think about combat boots, you immediately think about pairs of lace-up boots in either black color or brown shades. Nowadays, you can find unique and stylish combat boots you never imagined possible! Thanks to fashion and trend, you can dress up or dress down with these boots no matter what your taste, lifestyle and age are. Want to see which ones are worthy to keep? Here’s the “ultim8” list! 1 – Tammy-12 Fold Over Plaid Cuff Combat Boots in Beige They may look like your ordinary Read more […]

The Four Best Android Phones of 2014


The Android marketplace is constantly evolving, with phones becoming more powerful and feature-packed every year. 2014 is no exception: outstanding new models are being released by all major manufacturers throughout the year. It has become impossible to pick a single best Android smartphone, given that every model offers similar performance in a unique package. However, with that said, here are four of the most impressive and anticipated Android smartphones of 2014. Samsung Galaxy S5 The Read more […]

Expecting? Looking For A Baby Shower Gift? – 5 Awesome New Video Baby Monitors!


Baby monitors have sure come a long way over the years, and here are some of the 5 newest and coolest baby monitors that are available today!  Check these out and let me know which one you have, would like to have, or would consider buying for a baby gift! Motorola – Two-Way Baby Monitor (CDMA) I love this monitor!  One of my favorite things about this one is the ability to remotely control and move it to get a better view of your baby.  I’ve had the standard still video Read more […]

Pathetic… Our Veterans Having to Beg For Help

please help a veteran

  I just finished reading the article below on the ABC News website and I am still so appalled at some of the things the government puts our soldiers and veterans through.  You would think after the way the Vietnam veterans were treated that the government would have learned a lesson…  Veterans Turn to American Legion for Medical Help – ABC News. My husband retired from the Army last July after having served 21 years and going through a deployment to Kuwait years ago, a deployment Read more […]