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Hugo The Happy Starfish – The Last Bully


Suzy Liebermann

“A native of Germany and former resident of the Dominican Republic, Mexico, the Islands of the Bahamas and Switzerland, Suzy Liebermann—now living in the USA—has travelled the world in pursuit of language, art, and culture.

Having found it, she now shares it with the world’s teachers, parents, and children through educational literature. Leveraging her decades of global experience teaching in German, Spanish, French, and English with a degree in foreign language translation and a master’s degree in business management and international business, she launched Happy Language Kids Publications in 2010 as an interactive language learning program for children and their young-at-heart elders.

This program is particularly aligned with the aims and values she upheld as a teacher of cultural art and foreign language at a prestigious International Baccalaureate World School.”

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Hugo the Happy Starfish happens upon two other sea creatures and realizes that one of them is actively engaged in bullying the other one.  He decides that he is going to do something about it and forms A.B.C. (Anti Bully Club).  Follow Hugo and his friends as they work to eliminate bullying ocean-wide by helping one sea creature at a time!


{Main Characters}

Hugo The Happy Starfish

A friendly and caring starfish that wants to help make everything right in the world

Clooney Clownfish

A fish friend of Hugo’s that experiences bullying

Bandit the Barracuda

A barracuda that bullies then and experiences bullying

Simon the Shark

A shark that bullies and then experiences bullying

Oscar the Orca

An orca that bullies and then experiences bullying


Hugo the Happy Starfish is minding his own business and swimming through the ocean when he happens upon Bandit the Barracuda picking on and bullying Clooney Clownfish.  Bandit is calling Clooney names and making fun of his physical features.  Hugo decides that he needs to do something about this so he steps in, says to Bandit “Respect! Don’t bully!”, and informs Bandit that he should be be bullying a smaller fish because there is always someone bigger and one day Bandit may be bullied.  Bandit is convinced that there isn’t anyone bigger and that he will not be bullied so he just laughs Hugo’s warning off.

Spoiler Warning! Click this link to see more of the storyline »

Hugo and Clooney decide they want to do something about bullying so they form A.B.C. (Anti Bully Club).  This club was formed to help defend against the bullies of the sea world.

The next day Hugo runs across Bandit the Barracuda being bullied by Simon the Shark.  He gives Simon the same warning that he’d given to Bandit a day earlier.  Simon laughs at Hugo, just as Bandit had, and ensures Hugo that there are no bigger fish than him in the ocean.  Bandit the Barracuda sees the error of this previous thinking and asks to join the A.B.C.

It wasn’t long until the A.B.C finds Simon the Shark being bullied by Oscar the Orca. Hugo again delivers his warning about bullying and how there is always someone bigger that could possibly bully the sea creature that is doing the bullying.  Just like the others before him, Oscar laughs at Hugo and ensures him that there is no bigger fish in the ocean that could possibly bully him. Oscar then leaves Simon alone and starts to bully Hugo!  At that time, the other members of the A.B.C band together into a giant swarm to appear to be what they call a “fire-spitting dragon fish”.

The fire-spitting dragon fish startles Oscar the Orca because it appears to be so much bigger than him!  It demands that Oscar leave Hugo alone and he does.  Oscar then asks to join the A.B.C. as well.  The club has a meeting later that evening during which Hugo looks around at all the members with pride and realizes that if there are any more or bigger bullies left in the ocean they would be all be there to help one another!


This story is designed to help children understand bullying, why it is wrong, and why it is important to learn respect for others!  It helps with the character education of our children. Bullying in schools has become so prevalent that a law against bullying has become a necessity. This makes it even more important for parents and teachers alike to teach respect for others. The Hugo series is a part of the PYP books (Primary Years Programme) collection.  The PYP  was developed by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) for students ages 3 – 12 and helps guide the development of the whole child both academically and socially.



My children absolutely loved this story and haven’t stopped talking about Hugo since the first time I read this book to them!  This book teaches a very valuable lesson about the attitudes of children while entertaining the kids at the same time.  The illustrations in the book are very vibrant and colorful and really hold the children’s attention.  I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for captivating stories for their children that also help teach important life values! This is by far the best children’s book about bullying that I have come across so far.  Easy for children to understand!

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