Baby Stats Giveaway! (March 12th – April 22nd)

Baby Stats Giveaway
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As many of you know, and some of you may not, I am due to have a baby in 4 weeks!  So, I decided to have a celebration giveaway with a twist of fun to it!  I want participants to try to guess the stats of my baby!

I will tell you this much to help with your guesses!  I am due on April 8th, 2013.  It is a baby boy, and his name will be Justin Scott!  The contest asks participants to guess what day and what time you think he will be born, in addition to his length, weight, hair color, and eye color!  Please be sure to read the scoring system on the baby pool page!  The person with the LEAST amount of points will win… with ZERO being a perfect score (meaning they guessed everything completely accurately!).  I also cover how it will be handled in the case of a tie on the baby pool page!

This giveaway is being held by Army Wife & Mommy in celebration of reaching over 3000 “Likes” on Facebook and over 3000 followers on Twitter!  I am new to the blogging world and I still have a lot to learn, but everyone has made me feel so welcome and has helped me come so far that I would like to thank those who follow my blog, my Facebook fan page, my Twitter, and any other social platform that I am a part of!

Lets have some fun and see those guess, I’m so excited!

Click HERE to enter your guess in the baby pool!  Good luck to all my Army Wife & Mommy fans! <3

While it is not necessary and it is not a requirement of this giveaway, I would appreciate anyone that isn’t following my blog to please follow it by e-mail (top left sidebar), Facebook, or Twitter!  Thank you!

You can either click the “Make Pool Entry” link on the top left of the page, or just scroll down the page!  I have this giveaway scheduled to end on April 22nd (2 wks after my due date) but it will obviously end after he is born and I have the actual stats in hand!


Hopefully I’ve thought of everything and covered all my bases, but please be gentle if a situation arises I haven’t thought of yet!  If you have an comments, questions, or suggestions please feel free to e-mail me at and ask or let me know!  Thank you all!

*Disclosure*  This contest is in no way affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, or any other social platform whatsoever! No purchase necessary to participate! The number of eligible entries received determine the odds of winning. Enter on this giveaway form! The winner will be chosen at random and notified by email. Winner will have 24 hours to respond. If winner does not confirm receipt of email the prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be chosen and notified. This blog is not responsible for the payment of any taxes associated with this prize. This blog reserves the right to obtain and publicize the name(s) of winner(s). VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW!


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  1. Such a cute lil lamb! :)

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