52 Week Money Saving Challenge

I have seen this picture posted a lot around the Internet and social media the last few days and thought I would share it as well. I think it is a very good and non-stressful way to put a little money into savings if you stick with it consistently. I think it would help build up to a good saving habit.  If you don’t have a habit of saving now, or you don’t have much funds to throw into savings, this is good way to “ease” into it.  The reason I was so taken by it is because it reminded me of a challenge that my uncle gave to me when I was young.  He used to own a trailer park and I would do odds & ends jobs for him to make a little money.  One night he told me that over the summer from school that he would work me for 30 days and pay me a penny a day, but that he would double it every day.  I, without doing any math or figuring, told him no way!  A penny a day, seriously?  But then I went home and did the math on this and it actually works out that at the end of 30 days it would figure out to be a LOT of money!  I was amazed!  This savings table seems to be a good way to sock some money into savings, and it also brought back some fond memories of my uncle who passed away a few years ago.  



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  1. Good post. I’m experiencing a few of these issues as well..

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